What Are Cotton Socks Best For?

Peper Harow cotton socks
Peper Harow socks Beehive - Black 
The answer is easy: The best socks for day-by-day use should be those made with the highest percentage of cotton, as it is the lightest and most comfortable material for any type of weather. (By the way, if you need socks for an important occasion, make sure they are made of light fabric and with a perfect finish). 

Some brands mix cotton with some synthetic materials as polyamide (nylon) and spandex to give them a lighter feel, it offers breathability and comfort. 

Polyamide is used for more comfortable garments that need greater resistance, better for long-term products. It’s dries fast, absorbs more water and sweat, is resistant to pulling and shrinking, and is mildew resistant.

That said, I want to introduce you to these cotton socks from the English brand Peper Harow, which have in them composition around 80% Supima cotton.
SUPIMA® cotton is some of the best cottons in the world, accounting for just 1% of the world's cotton. Supima plant is 35% longer than normal cotton, for this reason it produces a longer, softer and brighter fiber.

It’s a naturally stronger and softer fabric and retains color better, ensuring that your unique sock designs will last for waaaay longer!

Supima cotton plantations are optimized with the use of green technology, and belong to a family tradition.

Peper Harow’s socks were made in UK, ethically and sustainably.

Trying Peper Harow luxury and sustainable socks

I was usually wearing socks that cost $1, which weren't totally bad, but I can tell a LOT of difference between luxury and sustainable socks. My first impression is what these socks are really soft to the touch, and I love that they feel resistant and perfectly comfy. Thank you to Peper Harow for these gifts for me!

My favorite model was Grid - Burgundy (PH0103B), I think its design is perfect for this season :) Also, its designs are original by the brand, you won't find them everywhere. Besides, you can buy a gift for her and him.

Peper Harow socks Retro Stripe - Beige
By the way, I'm leaving you the links to all the products I tried, and you get a 10% off on the Peper Harow website if you use my discount code LETROUPE at checkout so that you too have the opportunity to try them! 

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Jessymar Daneau Tovar (@letroupe)

Peper Harow socks Beehive - Black

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