Statement of Purpose

Elevator Pitch

Le Troupè is a trusted source of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle information. You can find free, high-quality content that inspires and educates our community. 

Join me on my journey as I share personal experiences and empower others to embrace creativity and inspiration.

Mission Statement

To create a leading omnichannel database of quality information on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. 

To aim to inspire others through an unique storytelling and personal experiences, while fostering a community that values aesthetics, sustainability, wellness, arts, and the good life.

Target Audience Summary

People who value sustainability, have a thirst for knowledge and exploration, appreciate aesthetics and the arts, and strive for wellness and a fulfilling life.

Target Audience's Dreams

- To stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and beauty techniques
- To feel inspired and confident in their personal style
- To lead a sustainable lifestyle while maintaining a sense of luxury and beauty
- To explore new ideas, experiences, and opportunities for personal growth

Target Audience Psychographics

- Personalities

Curious, open-minded, creative, and forward-thinking

- Lifestyles

Health-conscious, eco-conscious, and culturally aware

- Interests

Fashion, beauty, art, travel, and self-improvement

- Opinions 

Value authenticity, quality, and sustainability in their choices

- Attitudes 

Positive, optimistic, and motivated to make a positive impact

- Beliefs 

To embrace self-expression, personal growth, and the pursuit of a balanced lifestyle

Top Values

- Sustainability 

To prioritize eco-friendly practices and ethical choices in the fashion and beauty industry.

- Knowledge 

To be committed to providing valuable information and continuously learning and growing.

- Inspiration 

To strive to inspire the community through my personal history, experiences, and creativity.

- Authenticity 

To value honesty, transparency, and being true to myself and the audience.

Top Emotional Benefits

- Confidence

To encourage individuals to explore their personal style and embrace their uniqueness

- Think Over

To bring ideas through the content, inspiring emotions and a sense of fulfillment

- Trustworthiness

To provide reliable and accurate information, building a strong relationship based on trust and credibility

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