Which are the benefits of a makeup mirror with lights?

The main problem we have when applying makeup in front of the mirror under artificial light is that the domestic lighting has a different intensity than white or natural light, and sometimes we end up applying more product than we want.

Sometimes the natural light from our window only illuminates one side of the face, so we fail to blend the makeup.

The right way to do, so, is to have a makeup mirror. The best makeup mirror is the lighted mirror, because they offer a homogeneous illumination that does not draw shadows and will facilitate makeup, brushing, shaving or eyebrow plucking, achieving perfect results.

Looking for top-rated lighted mirrors I found the RoLeDo brand, which has integrated regulable LED light with 72 LED lights and touch control. 

With the makeup mirror with LED lights it's possible to regulate the light intensity, so you will have a light font that will adapt to your needs with ease. You can adjust the brightness of the makeup mirror with lights with a long press, and adjust the temperature between warm, bright and natural light.

RoLeDo is a trifold mirror, which allows you to see different angles of your face, making it easy for you to apply makeup, pluck your eyebrows, brushing or shave. In addition, it has 180 degree rotation.

The best makeup mirrors with light and various magnifications, make it easier for you to pluck your eyebrows or any other part of your face more precise. RoLeDo has 3x, 2x, 1x magnification that allows you to appreciate even the smallest details of your face.

LED lighting has a different tone to fluorescent lighting, it’s whiter and more intense and its consumption is lower though having more lumens, which is why it's called a sustainable light, because it consumes less and favors energy saving. LEDs have positioned themselves as the electricity that respects the environment. 

The point of differentiation of the RoLeDo makeup mirror is its elegant designs in animal print, unique in the market. In addition, included free hairbrush plus creative gift box makes it the ideal gift for beauty bloggers, beauty junkies and makeup artists.

These top-rated lighted mirrors also have dual power supply: USB port or 4 AAA batteries to power it up; USB cable included; charger and batteries are not included for this lighted mirror, the mirror cannot store power by itself.

Thanks to its removable storage base, it is perfect for your travel carry-on, or as a portable cosmetic mirror or desk mirror. In addition, it is easy to adjust by its smart touch control.

You can find the best makeup mirrors on Amazon link, or search for them on Amazon. com as 'Roledo makeup mirror'.

Jessymar Daneau Tovar (@letroupe)

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