Shapellx: Shapewear that highlights your natural beauty

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Going through a time of change –such as motherhood, weight gain or loss, signs of aging– can happen to all of us and one way to face this is to feel beautiful. Seeing ourselves well in the mirror and being noticed by others is a way of empowering ourselves.

If you are no longer comfortable with your physical appearance, it's time to focus on highlighting those positive characteristics that make you unique and beautiful.

Maybe you have amazing curves, or you just need to highlight them to look incredibly powerful.

Using body shaper for women is not about "hiding" anything, instead, the idea is to feel confident in your own skin.

AirSlim® Shaping Low Back Thong Bodysuit
The why for many women use body shapers may be to correct posture, offer support to the bust and prevent distention of the tummy, eat only adequate portions of food and even stimulate themselves to exercise –for example, NeoSweat® activewear designed to maximize physical performance with high-elastic fabrics that provide targeted, body-sculpting compression, helping to improve circulation for increased energy, lower lactic acid build-up, and lessened next-day soreness–.

I've spent too long thinking that clothes don't look as amazing on me as they do on models, and that there was something wrong with my body, until I discovered that simply wearing the right shapewear that supports my belly was all I could do I needed to see myself flawless.

You may just need a butt lifter shapewear to shape your booty (definitely not flatten it), or a shapewear to highlight your boobs.

AirSlim® Advanced Body Sculptor
In this decade, finding size inclusive brands like Shapellx that understand this point is gratifying, because there is not only one size to be beautiful, each body is differently, and that diversity is what makes us beautiful.

Something that I like about the change in mindset is that we increasingly understand better that our bodies and our decisions only belong to us, and that, if we want to show the best of us, it's only be to embrace ourselves, definitely not satisfying our followers, family, friends, work or study colleagues, strangers and the rest of society.

Are you ready to #ShapeTheWold?

Jessymar Daneau Tovar (@letroupe)

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