Bliss: Review of My Favorite Skincare Products

Bliss World Skin Care Review

Bliss World is an American skincare company that is B Corp certified, meaning it meets the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability, 100% cruelty-free. 

In April 2021 I received my first invitation to collaborate with Bliss, and as of June 2021 I was part of their focus group called Happy Skin Crew until January 2023, so I had the great opportunity to try dozens of their products, and although I liked them ALL, today I wanted to share with you the ones that have worked best for my combination and breakout skin, in no specific order:

1. Texture Takedown™ KP Body Butter

Bliss Texture Takedown™ KP Body Butter

It's an intense and very dense moisturizer and humectant, combined with a chemical exfoliation, thanks to AHA (glycolic, lactic and mandelic) acids in a concentration of 10%.

It's used to treat Keratosis Pilaris, which occurs when the hair follicle becomes blocked with dead cells. You can notice the difference in the texture of the skin from the first application, and the results become visible after 15 days of daily application.

2. Bright Idea Serum

Bliss Bright Idea Serum

This vitamin C + tripeptide concentrate is quickly absorbed and gives a satin appearance to the skin instantly. With two weeks of continuous use, accompanied by sunscreen, you can have a visible improvement in spots and acne marks, unifying skin tone. I advise discarding it after 6 months of use, as indicated on the packaging, to avoid skin allergies.

3. Fabulips Lip Balm

Bliss Fabulips Lip Balm

Since I started using it, I have practically replaced lipsticks and glosses with that balm, because in addition to deeply hydrating my lips, it gives them a juicy color that I LOVE. (I use the shade Sheer Pink Rose Transparent, I leave you a photo with the result).

Bliss Fabulips Lip Balm Sheer Pink

I love that it is free of petroleum oils, and that it doesn't feel sticky or uncomfortable to wear.

4. BlissPro Liquid Exfoliant

BlissPro Liquid Exfoliant

It is a gentle chemical exfoliant, which should be applied to clean, dry skin, hold on for just 2 minutes, and rinsed with water. From the first moment you feel the softness and freshness of the skin, and in the short term you can obtain visibly brighter skin.

I also use it on my chest and back, and it has helped me incredibly with breakouts and acne marks. I try to apply it regularly every two or three days.

5. Rest Assured Eye Cream

I generally used eye creams that I bought at the pharmacy or in very cheap stores, but they gave me allergies in or around my eyes, so I stopped using them.

This time I tried this combination of vitamin C + caffeine, and it helps me a lot with the appearance of my dark circles and the puffiness of my eyelids.

6. Clear Genius Body Acne Spray

Bliss Clear Genius Body Acne Spray

This medication has the maximum concentration of salicylic acid (2%), which helps control body acne breakouts, as well as treat their subsequent blemishes. I am leaving you photos before application, and after 6 continuous months of use. Skin texture also feels smoother and more even. 

Bliss Clear Genius Body Acne Spray Before After

Bliss recommends only applying the product as a spray and not rubbing it on the skin.

7. Clear Genius Toner + Serum

Bliss Clear Genius Toner + Serum

It has a refreshing gel texture, and is a safe step in my a. m. routine. and p. m. It helps soothe the skin after the cleanser, and prepare it for the next products. Contains Niacinamide, BHA acids, witch hazel, zinc and cica (centella asiatica).

8. Clear Genius Acne Spot Treatment

Bliss Clear Genius Acne Spot Treatment

I really LOVE this treatment, as it does what it promises quite well: reducing the redness and inflammation of acne breakouts in just one application. It also contains salicylic acid in a concentration of 2%, and it is definitely one of my big favorites, I will surely restock soon.

9. Block Star 30 SPF Sunscreen

Bliss Block Star 30 SPF Sunscreen

100% mineral (non-chemical) sunscreens generally leave a white cast on the skin, but this one from Bliss is the exception, as it has a touch of color. In fact, I've been replacing my foundation with this sunscreen, and I love the satin effect it leaves on my skin (not greasy). Its texture is medium dense, but blends well.

10. Lemon & Sage Satin-Skin Body Polish

Bliss Lemon & Sage Satin-Skin Body Polish

Total love for this physical exfoliant, which also contains shea butter and coconut oil. You get a visible result from the first use, leaving your skin very soft and deeply hydrated. It has helped me a lot with ingrown hairs after shaving, the rough texture of my elbows and knees, and the peeling of my skin due to dryness.

11. Drench & Quench Moisturizer

Bliss Drench & Quench Moisturizer

It's a moisturizer with a super-light and refreshing texture, which spreads very easily, as it turns into water upon contact with the skin. Its formula includes 4 types of hyaluronic acid and hydrates throughout the day. It's recommended for all skin types, but I think it's perfect for combination or oily skin due to its low density.

12. Mighty Marshmalow Brightening Face Mask

Bliss Mighty Marshmalow Brightening Face Mask

This facial mask with extract of marshmallow, altea, bismalva or cane grass (Althaea officinalis), is indicated to even out the skin tone and give it more shine and softness instantly. What I enjoyed the most was its whipped cream texture, fragrance, and how refreshing it was to apply.

13. Glow & Hydrate Day Hyaluronic Serum

Bliss Glow & Hydrate Day Hyaluronic Serum

It contains a concentrate of antioxidant vitamin B3 (niacinamide), hyaluronic acid and vitamin E, which serve as skin repairers and protectors against free radicals. It is a light serum, and gives an instant glow to the skin.

As I try new products I will continue updating this list, you can also leave me your suggestions on my Insta @letroupe

Jessymar Daneau Tovar

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