Rihoas' Sweaters And Jackets Review

Rihoas is a Hong Kong based womens apparel brand, founded in 2021, and I have been very happy to work with them ever since they contacted me to do this collaboration, as I genuinely loved their perfectly aesthetic, concept and established brand DNA. 

When my order arrived, I was pleased to confirm that the quality of the garments is very good, and the packaging was carefully done well.

The first item I ordered was The Lustrous Fluffy Cardigan, a royal blue sweater, size S, and softest to the touch, the fabric is acrylic + nylon, cozy, the most comfy to wear, effortless silhouette, puffy sleeves and vintage aesthetic buttons. I loved the fit not too tight and not too loose. 

The outfits that I want to put together with it are preppy/navy style, I really love the combination of royal blue, red and white.

The second item I requested was The Spliced Color Contrast Coat, a Coco Chanel inspired lined jacket. It had been a long time since I found an affordable coat with such a good quality of workmanship and materials. Even the buttons are awesome! 

This is size M, maybe in size S it would have worked well for me too.

The texture of the fabric totally enriches the outfit, elevating it with elegance. You can make it as casual or fancy as you want! 

What was your fav outfit? Comment me on my Insta @letroupe

Jessymar Daneau Tovar

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