Wicked Tender presents: 3 sunglasses trends for Spring-Summer 2020

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The sun begins to heat and it is essential to have sunglasses that also can compliment an stylish look. Today we’re going to review three types of sunglasses that are going to be the hottest trends this season, and you can find all of them in the online store Wicked TenderNote that you have a 10% discount using my code JESSYMARD at checkout.

glasses for spring summer 2020

1. Retro-futuristic 

In the 60’s, the greatest screenwriters of sci-fi thought that in 2020 we were going to travel in flying cars and dress like robots. Why not make that last dream come true? (I’m talking about robots). Besides, we can find these type of glasses in other trends like: XL sunglasses, mirror sunglasses or with square shapes… I think this is the most stylish thing you can wear in the next six months.

2. Retro glasses… only

The fun frames are at the top of the trends. A pair of sunglasses with heart shapes can transport us directly to the 70’s and they will show all your sweetness. Or better, why not contrast them with a edgy style?

3. Mini sunglasses

Obviously, they’re pretty 90’s. The small sunglasses have already been a trend for several seasons, so they sure will be a great investment that will enhace your look. I’m wearing them only like the top accesory of the outfit (I can’t see the world through red cristals!). The colorful acrylic miniglasses without frame are, definitely, a trend that you can’t miss.

spring summer 2020 sunglasses

To give a final chic touch to your lenses, you can wear sunny cords to make sure you don't lose them… in sight.

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