Modest Swimsuits To Wear This Summer

modest swimwear

Professing women of different religions around the world did not have many options when it came to wearing modest clothes to go to the beach or the pool: for a long time they had to resolve for improvising a swimsuit with an oversized t-shirt, a pair of old leggings and some piece of cloth to cover her hair, but nothing really fashionable.

Ikram Zein is a Muslim woman fond of fashion, who decided to take action on the matter and, with an imminent trip abroad, decided to make her own swimwear that reflected her style, beliefs and philosophy, appropriate for the climate of your destination. After talking to other women of various faiths and after a year creating moodboards, she launched Lyraswims in December 2016. 

modest swimsuit

Lyra's minimalist designs are inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood cinema, and the Moroccan coast. The modest swimsuits are made of Italian Carvico cloth, light, dry quick, resistant and with UV protection. Lyra swimsuits can be combined with swim cap, it has head covering, leggings and long sleeve tops for different body types, which can give you all the coverage you want.

Lyra has participated in London Modest Fashion Week, and they are planning to do a line extension to sportswear.

LYRA Swims

Another highlight about Lyra is her ethical commitment, by ensuring the best working conditions for her tailors, and working under fair trade standards.

Lyra is a sponsor of the #ThisGirlCan campaign, and through them charity campaign 'LyraSwims', they promote an active life so that more women take up sports, fitness lifestyle and swimming to improve her physical condition.

Plus size modest swimwear

This brand offers modest swimsuits for a variety of women; some will like bright (or pastel) colors and tropical prints, others will prefer an emphasis on avant-garde designs and neutral colors. Whether you have a size XS body or rather are looking for a plus size modest swimwear,  Lyra has created a modest swimsuit for you.

The idea is that you feel comfortable and safe with your body and with what you wear, in this way you will communicate your self-confidence and your convictions to others. Enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities this summer without limitations!

Jessymar Daneau Tovar (@letroupe)

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