Popilush: The Curated Destination for Premium Bodysuit

One way to feel more confident with your self-image is to use assertive tools that can facilitate your everyday look choices, promoting harmonious adjustments to your shape. 

Your personal collection becomes multiplied when you add a shapewear bodysuit. Therefore, you can easily choose your favorite type. You can find pieces that fit into your personal collection, but can also be included for special events. A bodysuit gives you an ideal way to experience self-love. 

Adjustable spaghetti straps for a flattering look 

For hotter days, the lace bodysuit shapewear becomes a perfect option. The thin adjustable straps flatter the neck and shoulders. Furthermore, it is possible to adapt the clothes according to your body shape. A piece made with lace lining gives you a more attractive look to express personality. 

Short sleeve, t-shirt style bodysuit 

It would easily fit into your collection of basics and essentials. If you're one of those people who won't abandon the t-shirt under any circumstances, you should rethink it after discovering this bodysuit. The fabric that imitates jeans is timeless and the subtle V-shaped neckline adds a touch of femininity to your look. It is very comfortable as it is made from highly elastic fabric. Furthermore, it provides extra confidence, as the bronze metal zipper provides greater adjustment and ensures that your bodysuit does not slip. A great purchase to create a retro look if combined with plaid pants or flared pants. 

The classic through the tank top bodysuit 

This version is a middle ground. The slightly wider straps and the absence of sleeves make this piece very similar to the tank top so loved in women's wardrobes. You achieve a slimmer belly through the compression carried out by the highly elastic fabric. Plus, it's perfect practically, as it's wrinkle-resistant and absorbs 50% more than cotton. Improves your butt with the thong detail and has a snap closure to make trips to the bathroom easier. You can even choose a version made in shiny fabric that resembles satin when you want a more glam look. 

Bodysuit under clothes 

There are many ideas for using bodysuits in your everyday life. Generally, women choose practicality as their main outfit and take advantage of the effects of harmonizing curves in a stylish way. However, it is also possible to use a backless bra bodysuit in a completely invisible way to give a more elaborate structure to party dresses or clothes that do not emphasize your body as much. This way, you enjoy greater elevation of your shape through the deep diving cups. Flexibility is guaranteed by the transparent adhesive wings that can be adjusted to the shape of the dress you choose.

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