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Tocobo k-beauty reviews

Thanks to the K-beauty brand Tocobo and Style Korean for sending me these products for free to test them and give you my honest review. 

Below are my thoughts, swatches, textures and first impressions (I just wish all their packaging and bottles were recyclable):

Tocobo Collagen Brightening Eye Gel Cream

Tocobo Collagen Brightening Eye Gel Cream review

It’s great as a moisturizer/primer to then apply other products such as concealer. However, I didn’t notice a notable reduction in my dark circles. Its gel texture is very refreshing, it’s colorless, fragrance-free, no stickiness, and it did not cause any type of allergies in my eyes, which is very important to me. I wish it had some physical sunscreen to protect the delicate skin around the eyes, and I loved that this bottle has a generous amount (30 ml / 1 fl. oz.).

I like to tap around my eyes with my fingertips to help to my skin absorbs better the product and gently stimulate circulation.

Tocobo AHA BHA Lemon Toner 150ml 

Tocobo AHA BHA Lemon Toner 150ml review

Even though it has a high concentration of AHA and BHA acids, it doesn't feel too astringent on my skin, and as promised, it removed a lot of blockages in my pores from the first use. Remember to always use it with sunscreen, and never expose yourself directly to the sun when using any product with lemon.

PS: I'm loving the detail on its lid!

Tocobo Bifida Biome Essence 50ml 

Tocobo Bifida Biome Essence 50ml Reviews

It's my first time using an essence, and specifically using a bacteria lysate* essence on my skin, and I believe that, just like our gut flora, the balance in the skin microbiome is essential for its health.

I really loved that it absorbed very quickly and didn't leave a sticky feeling on the skin, and my skin looks flawless and glowing after that!

*Bacterial lysate medicines are made from bacterial cells that are broken down and are intended to stimulate the immune system to recognise and fight infections. 

Multi Ceramide Cream 50 ml

Tocobo Multi Ceramide Cream Reviews

Its formulation with ceramides + HA is very gentle on my skin, does not irritate it and moisturizes deeply, without leaving my face excessively greasy. With very little amount I can spread it all over my face and neck, and it has no fragrance and it’s great! I think that it’s perfect for dry/combo/sensitive skin.

Vita Glazed Lip Mask 20ml

Tocobo Vita Glazed Lip Mask Review

I started using this product every night right before bed for 3 weeks, and my lips have never cracked, broke, or become dry again! The next morning you can remove the excess, and apply some lip balm or hydrating gloss if you need it. I haven't even needed to physically exfoliate them! Vita E, Olive Oil, Pomegranate Oleoactif and Lactobionic Acid do the job. It smells delicious but has no particular flavor.

Tocobo Vita Glazed Lip Mask Reviews

Jessymar Daneau Tovar (@letroupe)

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