Dresses For Our Eternal Summer

The month of the year does not matter; where I come from, every day is good to take a ray of sunshine by the sea. But curiously, there are not many options around here in women's clothing stores where you can find wrap dresses, in calm colors, white, fluid and fresh fabrics, patterns no-striking, and relaxed silhouettes.

For this reason, I was pleased to know the Lulus website, because it has sundresses and casual dresses, which could well be used to go for an afternoon tea, to go window shopping, visit museums, or walk along the beach on our vacations. You can buy any of these models of women's dresses online, which are timeless, bohemian vibes and seventies look. I am also sure that, whatever your size, you will find a model that adapts to your figure without being too tight.

In fact, they look a lot like the dresses I wore on my last vacation at sea, when I had the opportunity to wear a linen dress for an evening walk in a seaside town. I bought those hunting second-hand clothes, and in a Hindu store in my town, but this time you can find hundreds of them on the same website, and that is Lulus.

Which of all these models did you like the most? Let me know on my Insta @letroupe.

Jessymar Daneau Tovar

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